Portrait of Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Valley Fund and La Luz Center co-hosted a community forum to discuss the recent report, ‘A Beth Brown, CEO Community Foundation Sonoma County, Moderating the PanelPortrait of Sonoma County” on Wednesday, September 24th at the Sonoma Valley Grange.  Over 125 people attended the forum.

“A Portrait of Sonoma County” was commissioned by the Department of Health Services.  The report sheds light on the significant disparities between rich and poor in our county in health, income and education.  While prepared for the entire county, the report produced a quality of life metric for each portrait of sonoma covercensus tract.  That measure is in turn comprised of data on health, education and income.  What’s so surprising is the proximity of neighborhoods with a very high quality of life and those with significant challenges in one, two or all three areas comprising the index.  What does it mean when communities co-exist with such disparity?  What can we do to help build opportunity for everyone to have a high quality of life?

“To be great, a community has to be exceptional for everyone. Not just pockets of people, but everyone,” said Susan Gorin, Sonoma County 1st District Supervisor. “The report, ‘A Portrait of Sonoma Valley’ highlights the fact that not all residents of the Valley share the same opportunities for success and we need to work together to remove barriers and to ensure that this is a great place for all of us to live. “

To view the slides that were presented at the Community Forum, click on Portrait of Sonoma Valley.  To read or obtain a digital copy of the entire report, click on Portrait of Sonoma County Report.