Todd Grant Recipients

Hazel and Roland Todd named Community Foundation Sonoma County as the beneficiary of their $8.5M bequest with the intent to focus the proceeds primarily in Sonoma Valley.

In turn, Sonoma Valley Fund/Community Foundation Sonoma County have made a series of grants in 2013 of just over $290K that will benefit local non-profits. The Todds entrusted Community Foundation with the stewardship of their legacy, to improve the quality of life and well-being of those who live in Sonoma Valley and Sonoma County.

This year’s recipients included:

La Luz Center — to continue English language instruction to more than 120 residents of Sonoma Valley  for the 2013-2014 term and to build organizational capacity to ensure sustainability and growth of the ESL program. This program, which replaces one formerly operated by the Sonoma Valley Adult School, will also provide the tools to develop students’ active participation in shaping the economic, social, and cultural aspects of Valley communities.

United Way and Schools of Hope — to expand the number of students served through the Schools of Hope Literacy Initiative in Sonoma Valley. The goal of the Schools of Hope is to increase reading proficiency rates and ultimately high school graduation rates.

Sonoma Education Foundation — to support its Summer Reading Academy, which was aimed at increasing third graders’ reading engagement and motivation.

Sonoma Valley Community Health Center — to allow the Health Center to fund a new community outreach representative to educate community residents about health issues, build rapport between Springs residents and the Health Center, and assist residents in accessing a wide range of services across the Valley. To supply critical funding that helped the Health Center close escrow on its new facility.

Redwood Empire Food Bank – to increase the availability of fresh food for low income people in crisis.

North Bay Organizing Project – to enable residents of the Springs to attend the Ntosocke Leadership Training program.

Caitlin Childs