The Hazel and Roland Todd Fund

Roland and Hazel Todd, pictured in 2002


Sonoma Valley Fund and Community Foundation Sonoma County Honor Roland and Hazel Todd’s Bequest


In 2009, Sonoma Valley benefactors Hazel and Roland Todd passed away. Their Trust became an $8.5 million endowment, the second largest bequest Community Foundation Sonoma County has ever received, and one of the largest charitable gifts in the history of Sonoma County. The Todds’ endowment will provide lasting support for charitable activities primarily in Sonoma Valley, especially in the areas of health, human services and open space.

Community Foundation Sonoma County and Sonoma Valley Fund spent considerable time and resources to assess community needs in the Valley and determine a goal for use of the Todd funds. The Foundation created a Todd Fund team, with members from Sonoma Valley Fund and the Foundation board and staff, to evaluate community needs and determine the best use of the Todd funds. The team conducted in-depth interviews with 75 community organizations, elected officials and members of the community. The Sonoma County Economic Development Board provided them with the latest economic information, future indicators, and statistics about Sonoma Valley communities.

A consultant team from the North Bay Organizing project was then hired to identify ways of improving the health and well-being of residents of the Springs area and to assist local leaders in improving their organizing skills.

In 2012, the Foundation awarded $175,000 in Todd Trust grants for projects in the Sonoma Valley area. These included, among other things, the purchase of a mobile dental van, funding for emergency rental assistance, and the creation of a community garden.

“Hazel and Roland Todd cared deeply about the health and well-being of residents in their community, and we are honored to steward their gift by supporting such vital services.”

Based on the community’s responses and the Todd’s wishes, improving the health and well being of residents in the Springs area of Sonoma Valley will be our initial focus. Click here to read a quick overview of the initial report.

Since the publication of the initial, summary report, the Committee worked on a version of the report which would give a deeper and broader view of the issues facing Sonoma Valley. The initial goal was to determine the best use of the Todd’s legacy. At this point, we believe that these findings along with the Sonoma County Economic Development Board’s report detailing significant demographic, employment and education data and trends (click here to read more of the demographic report) are valuable to a broader audience trying to improve the health and well-being of residents of Sonoma Valley. Click here to read the in-depth report.


Update June 2019: CFSC and Sonoma Valley Fund Announce $700,000 grant from the Todd Fund to Sonoma Land Trust to protect critical open space at the Sonoma Developmental Center.