Non-Profit Partnership FAQ

Who can participate?

Participating nonprofit organizations must meet the program’s partnership expectations, which include having a strong commitment to legacy giving and a signed board resolution confirming this commitment.

What’s in it for the Sonoma Valley Fund?

Sonoma Valley Fund’s assets will increase, as will the assets of our Partner organizations.  This Partnership initiative supports SVF’s mission to strengthen our community through philanthropy and legacy giving.

Does a legacy gift have to be at the Sonoma Valley Fund?

No.  It is up to the donor and then each organization.  This is a multi-year initiative to perpetuate legacy giving, regardless of where the gifts reside.

Will this program diminish our existing fundraising efforts?

No.  This program is designed to augment your existing efforts.  Through a regional promotional campaign, focused on informing and inspiring individuals regarding the principles and benefits of legacy giving, your organization’s fundraising efforts will be enhanced.  Technical support provided to you as a Partner will increase the expertise your Board and staff.

Will this effort take away our existing donors?

No. The thrust of this promotional campaign is to get people to create legacy gifts, and direct them toward their passion, through a designated gift, a field of interest gift, or a gift for the common good.  This effort is not intended to interfere with existing relationships.  On the contrary, it will support the strong relationships you currently enjoy with your donors.

What are the Requirements?

The following guidelines are provided to move toward the common goal of increasing legacy giving in Sonoma Valley.  A Partner must:

  • Operate as a government approved charitable organization
  • Be approved by the Sonoma Valley Fund’s board of directors
  • Make and demonstrate a commitment to legacy giving with:
    • Signed Board Resolution
    • Completed Website Link Authorization Form
    • Establish a legacy giving plan
    • Provide timely reports of progress in a format provided by the Sonoma Valley Fund
  • Actively participate in Sonoma Valley Fund non-profit forums, showing collaboration and idea sharing with colleagues
  • Schedule periodic Sonoma Valley Fund presentations to update your board on the progress of legacy giving in Sonoma Valley
  • Share success stories and unique gift stories for use in newsletters and websites

For a complete list of the benefits and requirements for partners, read Becoming a Partner.