Frequently Asked Questions About Applying for Sonoma Valley Fund Grants

Download Grant FAQ Fact Sheet (see below) with answers to these questions:
  • How can my organization receive a grant from the Sonoma Valley Fund?
  • Are there things that you do not fund?
  • Where do I start? Whom should I contact?
  • Are there specific forms I need and where do I get them?
  • Is there a limit to the number of grants I can apply for in any given year?
  • If my organization receives a grant this year, may we apply for additional funding next year?
  • I am considering starting a new nonprofit. Do you provide support for startup costs?
  • How do you determine which proposals to fund and who decides?
  • How and when will I know whether our proposal has been funded?
  • What is Sonoma Valley Fund and from where does its grant money come?
  • Do I need to submit any legal or financial documents along with my application?

NOTE: We work with you to ensure a clear understanding of how to submit an effective grant proposal. Here are tools to help you with your application.

Frequently Asked Questions:  GRANT FAQ’s PDF

Frequently Asked Questions About Submitting Grant Applications Online

Download Online Applications Submission Fact Sheet (see below) with answers to these questions:
  • How do I create an account in order to submit an application?
  • How do I save my application so I can return and finish it later?
  • I have answered all the questions for the eligibility quiz but cannot access the application. What should I do?
  • How can I access my saved, in-progress application?
  • How do I attach the required documents?

Frequently Asked Questions:  Online Application Submission PDF