Todd Trust

Sonoma Valley Fund and Community Foundation Sonoma County Honor Roland and Hazel Todd’s Bequest

A bequest to Community Foundation Sonoma County from Hazel and Roland Todd instructed us to support charitable activities primarily in Sonoma Valley, especially in the areas of health, human services and open space. Community Foundation Sonoma County and Sonoma Valley Fund spent considerable time and resources to assess community needs in the Valley and determine a goal for use of the Todd funds.

For 2014, the Boards of Community Foundation Sonoma County and Sonoma Valley Fund approved grants recommended by the Team, including those listed below.

For 2015 and moving forward, the Grants Committee of Sonoma Valley Fund will assume the responsibility for the Todd Funds.  For additional information on the plans and how to apply, click here.

To learn more about the Todd’s, see more at the bottom of this page.

La Luz

$72,000 to La Luz Center to continue its program of teaching English Language skills (ESL) to Sonoma Valley residents.  The overall goal of the ESL program is to teach English and to provide the tools to develop Sonoma students’ active participation in shaping the economic, social and cultural aspects of our community.




sv_community_health_center_logo_smlA grant of $32,000 to Sonoma Valley Community Health Center to continue support of its Community Health Navigator.  As a partnership between the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center and La Luz, the Navigator provides support and assistance to Springs residents as they navigate the health and social services system in Sonoma Valley.


Schools of Hope Logo
$24,000 to United Way to continue its Schools of Hope program in Sonoma Valley public schools.  The goal of this program is to increase the number of first through third grade children who develop strong reading skills through weekly tutoring sessions with volunteers.



A team from Sonoma Valley Fund and Community Foundation Sonoma County has been working since 2011 to assess community needs and determine where to focus our involvement in the Valley from the $8.5 million bequest of Roland and Hazel Todd. Based on the community’s responses and the Todd’s wishes, improving the health and well being of residents in the Springs area of Sonoma Valley will be our initial focus. Click here to read a quick overview of the initial report.

Since the publication of the initial, summary report, the Committee has been working on a version of the report which would give a deeper and broarder view of the issues facing Sonoma Valley. The initial goal was to determine the best use of the Todd’s legacy. At this point, we believe that these findings along with the Sonoma County Economic Development Board’s report detailing significant demographic, employment and education data and trends (click here to read more of the demographic report) are valuable to a broader audience trying to improve the health and well-being of residents of Sonoma Valley. Click here to read the in-depth report.