Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance has invested in the future of the community by creating and supervising one-on-one long-term relationships between caring adults and at-risk school children in need of academic and social support.

“Mentoring fosters trust through a caring relationship.”
“Mentoring provides assistance to learn important skills.”
“Mentoring creates self-confidence and enables kids to aspire to their dreams.”
“Mentoring helps kids cope with problems.”

Sonoma Valley Mentoring AllianceThe organization supports each child with individualized attention and works differently from other local charitable organizations in that we:

  • Carefully pair a child with an adult mentor through thoughtful selection and monitoring
  • Staff well-equipped, on-campus centers where mentors and mentees meet weekly
  • Organize enriching field trips and social events
  • Offer mentor training and support programs as well as counseling services
  • Provide ongoing mentee support through scholarships and empowerment programs

To learn more, visit Sonoma Mentoring.