What is a Legacy Gift?


A legacy gift is an investment that provides endless support to charitable causes. It’s an investment in the future … the future of our Valley.

It’s a gift…a promise without end, made by you to your children and grandchildren in support of your community. Legacy gifts are made possible by you…those who have lived and embraced all that our valley has had, will have and can have.

Legacy gifts are permanent. They are funds with the requirement that the proceeds are committed to be spent on charitable gifts. During the life of the Legacy gift, the balances are invested, earning income that is then spent to support charitable works along the way.

There are three types of legacy gift to choose from: Legacy Gifts for the Common Good, Field of Interest Legacy Gifts, and Designated Legacy Gifts.

A Legacy Gift for the Common Good is a gift that allows the Sonoma Valley Fund to respond to the constantly changing needs of the Valley. This type of gift is not limited to a specific cause, but available for the most critical needs of the community as they arise.

A Field of Interest Legacy Gift is a gift that helps sustain programs or organizations in specific areas of interest. These programs and organizations are selected by the donor and reflect his or her passion in areas such as education, health and human services, the arts, historic preservation and environmental protection, to name a few.

A Designated Legacy Gift is a gift that provides a source of support to a nonprofit organization selected by the donor. Is there a nonprofit organization whose charitable work is your passion? You can endow your favorite nonprofit organization through a designated legacy gift.

A legacy gift is a gift of hope.

Legacy Gifts are a source of permanent support for causes that make the Sonoma Valley an even more extraordinary place to live, work, retire and enjoy life for generations to come.