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Sonoma Valley Fund and its parent, Community Foundation Sonoma County, in conjunction with the California Plan Your Giving Project*, are encouraging Sonoma Valley residents from all walks of life, to pledge ten percent of their assets as part of their estate or will to a charity, or charities, particularly those in the Valley. This will help sustain and improve the valley’s quality of life, ensure a robust safety net for generations to come, and support the on going work of our non-profit organizations.

By “Taking the Pledge” you will be joining individuals and families throughout Sonoma Valley (and California) who also plan to leave a meaningful gift to their favorite charities through their will or estate (or it may even be during their lifetime).

This is a grass roots effort to change the way people think.  In addition to filling out the pledge form below, we ask that you talk to others so that they see the value too and share their pledge intention as well.

All information on this pledge form is confidential and will not be shared, except as described below.  If you do not wish to have your name listed on the website, you can be listed as “Anonymous (+ your initials)” with your city of residence (your initials are optional).  To be listed as Anonymous, simply enter “Anonymous” on the line instead of your name. Your email address will be used to confirm receipt of your pledge intention and update you periodically on the progress at Sonoma Valley Fund. If you choose, we will also forward your pledge to the California Plan Your Giving Project – a parallel effort at the state level.

I would like to Take the Pledge!

*The state of California legislature declared October 1, 2010, as California Plan Your Giving Day, focusing on charitable giving in one’s estate plan. To take advantage of this opportunity, a volunteer group has launched a 3-5 year project to “make charitable giving a normal part of an estate plan”. Their inspiration is the Warren Buffet/Bill and Melinda Gates pledge to give away at least 50% of their estate and to enroll other billionaires to do the same. As of November 30, 2010, 59 individual or coupled billionaires have pledged, 14 from California, and they have a 3-5 year plan to enroll more.

Our goal is to open up the opportunity to a larger group in Sonoma who are willing to pledge 10% or more in their estate plan to charity.  What is in it for them if they do this? Experience has shown that families that share and give have better relationships with each other.  There are many benefits for families beyond the tax breaks. A donor’s story of giving can have a compounding effect by inspiring others to give.

Inspire Your Friends and Family to Take the Pledge

Invite your friends and family to Take the Pledge along with you. It’s easy. Add your name and the email addresses of those you want to have us invite and we’ll send them a short message asking them to Take the Pledge.

  • Multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma

Current Pledges

Thank you for Taking The Pledge.

The Anonymous names are known to their advisor or the charitable organization to whom they’ve made a planned gift. The donor(s) did not wish to have their names listed on this website but do want to be counted as joining the effort.

Name, City
Anonymous, Sonoma
Bill and Dottie Lynch, Sonoma
Dave and Vicki Stollmeyer, Glen Ellen
Hank and Cathie Sandbach, Sonoma
Harriet and Randy Derwingson, Sonoma
James and Donna Halow, Sonoma
Jim and Marcia Levy, Sonoma
John and Libby Brady, Sonoma
Joseph M. and Beth Aaron, Sonoma
Joshua Rymer and Timothy Frazer, Glen Ellen
Joyce E. Miller, Sonoma
Susan and Jan Hoeffel, Sonoma
Whitney & Jeanette Evans, Sonoma