Endow Sonoma Valley


Passion has inspired the Sonoma Valley Fund to put forth a philanthropic initiative, called Endow Sonoma Valley, to inform the people of Sonoma Valley about the gift of a legacy – the means to give back to Sonoma Valley…the Valley  that has already contributed so much to those who reside and thrive here. You can help future generations experience the passion that has made an impact in your life through your legacy gift – be it an endowment or a fund to support on-going programs or causes or meeting some unmet need. Inspire your passion, search local nonprofits that have partnered with the Sonoma Valley Fund in the Endow Sonoma Valley initiative.

Bring your charitable dreams to life.

It’s good for you and it’s great for Sonoma Valley!

What is your passion?

Whether you’re passionate about Sonoma Valley wildlife, culture or education, decide where your passion lives and create an endowment or other form of Legacy Gift that will help future generations enjoy what you’ve grown to cherish in your lifetime.