Cygnus 2011 Donor Survey

The Cygnus 2011 Donor Survey (94 questions answered by 3474 respondents) provides some needed insight into where and how contributions to non-profits will be heading.  This is important reading for all non-profit development professionals.  Some of the highlights of the study include:

  • There is considerable optimism among respondents. 79% expect to give the same or more to charitable causes this year.
  • An increasing number of donors (29%) in the survey made contributions via the web in 2011.
  • The value of social media for fundraising is minimal today but is likely to be much more important soon.
  • Communications technology preferences continue to shift among donors of all ages with 69% now preferring electronic over print communication (even among the oldest donors).

Read more about trends in charitable giving in the 2011 Cygnus Survey.

Caitlin Childs