Strengthening and Sustaining Our Community

Bridges for Legacy Donors

The Sonoma Valley Fund is the bridge between donors and the nonprofit organizations they support, ensuring the prudent investment of funds and the achievement of legacy gift objectives. Through its parent, Community Foundation Sonoma County, the Fund wisely invests and fulfills donors’ charitable bequests. A few of our many donors share how these valuable connections create bridges that strengthen our community now and into the future.

John & Sandra Leland have been annual contributors to the Sonoma Valley Fund, designating a portion of their gift to specific charities where they see a need, but also leaving a portion to the discretion of the Sonoma Valley Fund Board to be used where their Grants Committee sees specific needs. John Leland says, “We count on the Sonoma Valley Fund Board to use a portion of our donation where they think it can do the most good.”

Gary & Marcia Nelson saw a significant need in the care of the uninsured in our valley. They founded the Gary & Marcia Nelson Emergency Care Fund to support the Sonoma Valley Hospital‘s care for uninsured people. Then they selected the Sonoma Valley Fund and its parent, Community Foundation Sonoma County, to manage the investments and support their marketing efforts in the community. Gary and Marcia said, “We selected the Sonoma Valley Fund we believe that its mission to provide a permanent source of charitable funds for our valley is of vital importance.”

Buck and Sue SanGiacomo have established a scholarship fund to help worthy and motivated students who are seeking to further their education. “This scholarship program is our way of helping … our attempt to create a legacy, one person at a time, in which individuals have the opportunity to make a better world for themselves and for others.” The Sangiacomos have entrusted the Sonoma Valley Fund to wisely invest the scholarship funds and to assist in set-up and administration of their program, thus making their legacy a reality.

Caitlin Childs