2021 Star Awards Recipients

2021 Sonoma Valley STAR Volunteer Awards Returns

On Sunday, October 10, 2021, we held the Star Volunteer Awards celebration at Hanna Boys Center.

This annual event is an opportunity for nonprofits who serve the Valley to honor a Star Volunteer. This year we were pleased to honor 42 individuals from 39 nonprofit organizations.

This year, the Sonoma Valley Catalyst Fund joined us to award a special Catalyst Award to 9 organizations that have courageously and persistently responded to the ever-changing needs of those in our community most impacted by the pandemic. These nine nonprofits reimagined and extended their services, working together in new ways to help Sonoma Valley persevere through the worst of the pandemic.

Along with a trophy, each awardee received a special certificate from Supervisor Susan Gorin and Congressman Mike Thompson. For a complete list of all awardees, please see below for a downloadable list.

Thank you to Community Foundation Sonoma County for their sponsorship of this incredible event.

We’d also like to thank the following for their donations, volunteering, and support:

  • Cline Landscapes & Maintenance Services
  • Hanna Boys Center
  • KSVY SonomaTV
  • Melania Mahoney, Photographer
  • Simply the Best Entertainment / Northern Lights Studio
  • Sonoma Community Center
  • Sonoma Speaker Series
  • Sonoma Valley Fund Board Members
  • Swiss Hotel
  • Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley


Sonoma Valley Fund’s 11th annual STAR Volunteer Awards celebrating volunteerism in the Sonoma Valley was held Sunday, October 6, 2019 from 2-4 pm at Hanna Boys Center.

In support of volunteerism, Karen Collins agreed to be our event committee’s Honorary Chair. Karen is the City of Sonoma’s 2019 Alcaldessa, a title she was given for her volunteerism in the preservation and protection of the natural environment in and around the City of Sonoma.

The Sonoma Valley Fund’s STAR Awards is a chance for non-profit organizations who serve Sonoma Valley to recognize a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to their organization over the past year. Each STAR Volunteer received a trophy from the Sonoma Valley Fund, and was presented a certificate from Supervisor Susan Gorin and from Congressman Mike Thompson congratulating and thanking them for their service. Congratulations to the 2019 STAR Volunteers!

Sonoma Valley Fund’s 10th Annual Event celebrating Volunteerism in the Valley was held on April 29, 2018 at Cornerstone. The celebration was a grand success with over 250 people in attendance saluting the Star Volunteers.

Photo courtesy of Melania Mahoney Photography

Sonoma Valley Fund’s 8th Annual Event celebrating Volunteerism in the Valley was held on Sunday, October 3rd from 2-4pm in the Barn at the Cornerstone. The celebration was a grand success with over 250 people in attendance saluting the 23 Star Volunteers.


Sonoma Valley’s 2016 Star Award Winners! Front row (left to right): Windee Smith, Jan Erickson, Nancy King, Carol Morphy, Patsy Wallace, Julia Wilkinson, Ina Welker, Kymm Falls, Jenah Smith Back row (left to right): Susan Gorin, Hank Martinson, Rosie Palacio, Tony Ghisla, David Morell, Philip Wilkinson, Marc Schwager, Jorge Antonio Guillermo Aquino

Photo courtesy of Melania Mahoney Photography

Sonoma Valley Fund’s Annual Event celebrating Volunteerism in the Valley was held on Sunday, October 4th from 3-5pm at the Sonoma Ecology Center’s Garden Park.  The celebration was a grand success with over 250 people in attendance saluting the 26 Star Volunteers.



Photo courtesy of Melania Mahoney Photography

Top row (left to right): Moises Farias (Stephanie Stubbs’ mentee), Stephanie Stubbs (Sonoma Mentoring Alliance), Issac Vargas (La Luz Center), Bill Myers (Sonoma Ecology Center), Corin Rasmussen (Sonoma Community Center) 2nd row (left to right): Thai Hoang (Hanna Boys Center), Eric Peterson (Vintage House), Meg Sokoloski (Sonoma Valley Education Foundation), Luis Rivera (Voit McKarre’s mentee), Lulu Carlsson (Lisa Carlsson’s daughter), Lisa Carlsson, Steve Corey (Quarryhill), Fred Cohen (Sweetwater Spectrum), Carolyn Klebanoff Cohen (Sweetwater Spectrum), Mark Etherington (Seeds of Learning), Eric Gullotta (Becoming Independent), Bill O’Neal (Vintage House) Front row (left to right): Hilda Teran-Franklin (Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation), Linda Alwitt (FISH), Linda Pavlak (Sonoma Ecology Center), Ginny Richardson (Sonoma League of Historic Preservation), Jerica Tercero (Teen Services Sonoma), David Wells (Teen Services Sonoma), Gayle O’Hara (Pets Lifeline), Jesus Aguayo- Zuniga (Sonoma Valley Community Health Center)

Star Winners not able to attend and not pictured: Stan Abercrombie & Paul Vieyera (Sonoma Valley Museum of Art), Voit McKarre (Mentoring Alliance), Marcie Waldron (Vintage House).

Sonoma Valley Fund launched its Community Conversations Series on Monday, April 27th at the Sonoma Community Center’s Andrews Hall.  The event was a ‘sell-out’ with over 150 residents packed into the hall to talk about the future of our Valley.  Katherine Fulton, Sonoma Valley Fund Board Member moderated a conversation with David Bolling (former editor of the Index Tribune and editor/publisher of Valley of the Moon Magazine) and Oscar Chavez (Deputy Director of Sonoma County’s Human Services Department).

Photo Courtesy of Bill Boerum

Sonoma Valley Fund’s Annual Event celebrating Volunteerism in the Valley was held on Sunday, September 14th from 4-6pm at the brand new Sonoma Valley Community Health Center.  The celebration was a grand success with over 250 people in attendance saluting the 26 Star Volunteers.

Sonoma Valley Fund in conjunction with La Luz Center, hosted a Community Forum featuring a presentation of ‘A Portrait of Sonoma [Valley]’ by Brian Vaughn of Sonoma County Department of Health. Supervisor Susan Gorin welcomed the standing room only audience and Beth Brown, CEO of Community Foundation Sonoma County moderated a panel discussion after the presentation. The presentation materials were drawn from a study done for Sonoma County, and highlighted quality of life disparities in various neighborhoods across the Valley.  The Forum was held on Wednesday, September 24th at the Sonoma Valley Grange Hall.


Location: Sonoma Valley Hospital/New Emergency Department and Surgical Unit


(bottom row – left to right): Nancy Kivelson, Patty Jackson, Maria Biasetto, Deb Carlin, Marty Haidet, Jefra Parlett, Chuck Young  (middle row – left to right): Oscar Lopez, Ron Gaiz, Ronald Arnold, Vicki Schnurpfeil, Rose Mary Schmidt, Cathy Gellepis, Jim Lynch, David Cook, Gary Germano  (top row – left to right): Kathy Arnold, Wayne Gordon, Pat Edelstein, Norman Wray, Lori Ross, Jerry Klenow, Simon Blattner, David Goodison, Keith Murray

2012 Sonoma Valley Fund Annual Celebration

Location: New Pavilion at Hanna Boys Center


Sonoma 2012 Star Award Winners (photo credit: Zanne Clark)
(Top row – left to right): Dan Pierce, Suzie Davis, Suzie’s mentee Angelica, Allen Robinson, Andy Gray, Molly Detwiler, Bob Nicholas, Ann Wiklund, Teresa Alampur, Jenifer Hartwell, Lynn Woodward, Carole Nicholas
 (Bottom row – left to right): Jeanette Evans, Alice Brigaerts, Leyla Gunduz, Tom Angstadt, Kathy Gatanby, Rosemary McCreary, Rose Mary Schmidt, Suzanne Brangham, Richard Hicks

2011 Sonoma Valley Fund Annual Celebration

Location: Hanna Boys Center


Sonoma 2011 Star Award Winners (photo credit: Zanne Clark)
(From left): Marcelo De Freitas, Dick Drew, Mark Nilsson, Sandi Wilson, Jack Lungren, Jason Bell, Steven Hightower, Elfriede Whitcher, Julie Shoffner-McGee, Karen Adelson, Squire Fridell, Lucy Hamlyn, Sam Morphy, Carol Brown, Tracy Byrnes, Megan Moll, Tony Moll, Joyce Miller, Barbara Cullen, Dave Dobbins, Mike Benziger, unidentified guest, Morris Purvins, Jolie Jacobs.  Absent were: Julie Atwood, Kathy Benziger, Annie Falandes, Carol Morphy and Paula Moulton.