Executive Committee

  • 2017 Chairs: Peg Van Camp
  • Executive Committee Members: Barbara Hughes, Kimberly Blattner, Art Grandy, Katherine Fulton, Joshua Rymer, Judy Young and Penney Magrane
  • Chaired by the President; comprised of Officers and Committee Chairs. Meets on alternate months with Board meetings
  • Identifies opportunities and resolves issues to be taken before the Board

Nominating & Governance Committee

  • 2017 Chair: Mollie Collins
  • Committee Member:  Peg Van Camp
  • Maintains list of needed skills and qualifications for members and identifies any gaps.
  • Solicits input in June for potential Board and Advisor nominees.
  • Refines a list of potential nominees and presents them at the July Board meeting for approval before approaching nominees.
  • Reports final slate of Board and Advisory nominees at the last Board meeting of the year.
  • Prepares and provides an orientation for new Board members in January or February.
  • Recommends Board structure and governance procedures
  • Guides Board self assessment
  • Recommends orientation materials and procedures

Note: SVF Board members are approved by the CFSC Board

Development Committee

  • 2017 Chair: Art Grandy
  • Committee Members: Lou Perlson, Michael Mulchay, Suzanne Brangham and Chip Allen
  • In conjunction with the SVF President, encourages Board, Advisors and committee members to become legacy givers
  • Supports Board member outreach to legacy prospects
  • Liaise and works with professional advisors in the community to support legacy giving by their clients.
  • Enhances the Financial Advisor Support Team’s effectiveness in encouraging clients to make legacy gifts
  • Enhances the Realtor Support Team’s effectiveness in encouraging new Sonoma Valley residents to volunteer as a pathway to legacy giving

Communications and Marketing Committee

  • 2017 Chair: Donald Van der Mark and Lorna Sheridan
  • Committee Members: Penney Magrane
  • Chaired by a Board member and comprised of Board members plus Advisors or community members as appropriate
  • Develops and implements a Marketing & Communications Plan
  • Develops content for press releases, the Annual Report and quarterly e-newsletter for review and approval by the SVF President and CFSC staff as appropriate; oversees the distribution of same
  • Oversees and manages the Endow Sonoma Valley marketing campaign; coordinates with the Partner Support Committee as appropriate
  • Recommends an annual marketing budget
  • Researches successful legacy marketing strategies
  • Provides legacy support to Partners as required
  • Identifies and signs up additional Partner prospects with Board approval.  Guidelines for Partner support are in a separate document
  • Supports the “Sonoma Valley Stars” volunteer recognition program for Partners
  • Identifies and nominates a nonprofit board member for the Board

Grants Committee

  • 2017 Chair: Barbara Hughes
  • Grants Committee Members: Ted Eliot, Judy Young, Lorna Sheridan, Karin Demarest (CFSC Staff)
  • Chaired by a Board member or Advisor and comprised of Board members, Advisors and community members with expertise in the fields of interest being granted
  • Follows CFSC grant making guidelines.
  • Works with CFSC staff to prepare solicitation of grants.
  • Oversees the annual grant making program and makes recommendations to the Board for grant funding
  • Makes site visits to potential grantee organizations when appropriate
  • Reviews progress reports and final reports provided by grantees
  • Grants Committee members (who are not also board members) will sign a Conflict of Interest Acknowledgement form (provided by CFSC) at the beginning of each year that they are on the Grants Committee.

Note:  Grants greater than $10,000 must be approved by CFSC 

Programs, Partners & Content Committee

  •  2017 Chair: Katherine Fulton
  • Committee Members: Art Grandy, Whitney Evans, Nancy Ramsey
  • Chaired by a Board member and comprised of at least two Board members plus Advisors and community members

Event Coordination and Creation Committee

  • 2017 Chair: Penney Magrane
  • Committee Members: Judy Young
  • Chaired by a Board member and comprised of at least two Board members plus Advisors and community members
  • Organize, coordinate and execute SVF events with assistance from Board members and volunteers
  • Be the Introductory speaker at SVF events or engage another Board Member or
    outside person
  • Coordinate with SVF Board and CFSC Staff on all events for their attendance,
    ideas and presentations

Strategic Planning Committee

  • 2017 Chair: Katherine Fulton
  • Committee Members: Joshua Rymer, Peg Van Camp, Nancy Ramsey
  • Chaired by a Board member and comprised of two or more Board members and Advisors
  • Develops and updates the Strategic Plan
  • Coordinates an annual Board retreat to update the plan for Board approval
  • Researches successful community foundation strategies and incorporates best practices into the SVF Plan

Scholarship Committee

  • This committee recommends scholarships from SVF and SVEF
  • 2017 Chair: John Brady,
  • Committee Members: Peg Van Camp, Louann Carlomagno, Norm Goldstein, Dan Stites, Susan Hoeffel

Ad Hoc Committees

Board/Leadership Council Liaison

  • Ensures Advisors are informed of SVF work and activities.
  • Engages Advisors in support of SVF goals.
  • Recruits Advisors to participate on committees as appropriate.
  • 2017 Chair: TBD

Board/Professional Advisor Liaison

  • 2017 Chair: Chip Allen