Community Building

The Sonoma Valley Fund launched its “Community Conversations” in April of 2015 with “Shaping Sonoma Valley 2030: Confronting the Myth of Paradise,” a dialogue with publisher, editor and journalist David Bolling, and Oscar Chavez, assistant director of Human Services for the County of Sonoma. Katherine Fulton (SVF Board Member) moderated the evening.

Our aim was to acknowledge and address: growing economic and ethnic divides, a lack of affordable housing, strains on public education, the aging of our population, stresses on the natural environment and the struggle to maintain a strong community in the face of growing numbers of tourists and part-time residents. Our plan is to continue these conversations, and we hope to help catalyze the leadership needed to shape a vision and strategy for the collective future. About 150 residents gathered in Andrews Hall to express their views about the future of Sonoma Valley.


More than 250 donors and guests attended Sonoma Valley Fund’s eighth annual Star Volunteer Awards at the Sonoma Ecology Center’s Sonoma Garden Park.

Awards were presented to 26 individual volunteers in recognition of their service to our nonprofit partner organizations. Their hard work and dedication inspire us!

Caitlin Childs