2016 Sonoma Valley Fund Annual Celebration

Sonoma Valley Fund’s 8th Annual Event celebrating Volunteerism in the Valley was held on Sunday, October 3rd from 2-4pm in the Barn at the Cornerstone. The celebration was a grand success with over 250 people in attendance saluting the 23 Star Volunteers.

Sonoma Valley’s 2016 Star Award Winners! Front row (left to right): Windee Smith, Jan Erickson, Nancy King, Carol Morphy, Patsy Wallace, Julia Wilkinson, Ina Welker, Kymm Falls, Jenah Smith Back row (left to right): Susan Gorin, Hank Martinson, Rosie Palacio, Tony Ghisla, David Morell, Philip Wilkinson, Marc Schwager, Jorge Antonio Guillermo Aquino.

Caitlin Childs