2015 Sonoma Valley Fund Annual Celebration

Sonoma Valley Fund’s Annual Event celebrating Volunteerism in the Valley was held on Sunday, October 4th from 3-5pm at the Sonoma Ecology Center’s Garden Park.  The celebration was a grand success with over 250 people in attendance saluting the 26 Star Volunteers.

Top row (left to right): Moises Farias (Stephanie Stubbs’ mentee), Stephanie Stubbs (Sonoma Mentoring Alliance), Issac Vargas (La Luz Center), Bill Myers (Sonoma Ecology Center), Corin Rasmussen (Sonoma Community Center)

 2nd row (left to right): Thai Hoang (Hanna Boys Center), Eric Peterson (Vintage House), Meg Sokoloski (Sonoma Valley Education Foundation), Luis Rivera (Voit McKarre’s mentee), Lulu Carlsson (Lisa Carlsson’s daughter), Lisa Carlsson, Steve Corey (Quarryhill), Fred Cohen (Sweetwater Spectrum), Carolyn Klebanoff Cohen (Sweetwater Spectrum), Mark Etherington (Seeds of Learning), Eric Gullotta (Becoming Independent), Bill O’Neal (Vintage House) 

Front row (left to right): Hilda Teran-Franklin (Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation), Linda Alwitt (FISH), Linda Pavlak (Sonoma Ecology Center), Ginny Richardson (Sonoma League of Historic Preservation), Jerica Tercero (Teen Services Sonoma), David Wells (Teen Services Sonoma), Gayle O’Hara (Pets Lifeline), Jesus Aguayo- Zuniga (Sonoma Valley Community Health Center)

Star Winners not able to attend and not pictured: Stan Abercrombie & Paul Vieyera (Sonoma Valley Museum of Art), Voit McKarre (Mentoring Alliance), Marcie Waldron (Vintage House).

Caitlin Childs