2014 Annual Report

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Dear Friends,

• Ongoing efforts to encourage more people in the Valley to consider including Sonoma Valley

As Sonoma Valley Fund completes its eighth year of operation, I am pleased to report that the organization is playing an ever larger role in the future of our Valley. We have continued to support a stronger Sonoma Valley by:

• Funding in their estate plans and wills

• Bringing our community together to discuss important issues;

• Being excellent stewards by relentlessly adhering to our donors’ intentions; and

• Making grants to nonprofits and providing scholarships to college bound students.

In 2014, Sonoma Valley Fund partnered with La Luz Center on an important Community Forum – A Portrait of Sonoma County. The Forum brought together more than 125 residents to learn more about an important study sponsored by the County Department of Health Services. We anticipate sponsoring more forums and conversations like this in 2015 and beyond.

This is the second year in a row that total grants and scholarships from the Fund have exceeded a half million dollars. Sonoma Valley Fund partnered with our parent organization, Community Foundation Sonoma County, to provide over $350K in grants to nonprofits in the Valley and another $169K in scholarships to students within our community. The staff at Community Foundation, working with the Sonoma Valley Fund Grants Committee, has identified impactful, underfunded grant opportunities that reflect the desires of the donors and that will have a large impact on our community.

Lastly, and most importantly, we thank YOU for your volunteered time, financial support, and everlasting love for your community. Let’s continue working together to ensure the future of Sonoma Valley remains full of promise for all who call it home.


Joshua M Rymer

Sonoma Valley Fund Board President, 2014-2015

Caitlin Childs