2012 Todd Trust Grants

Hazel and Roland Todd named Community Foundation Sonoma County as the beneficiary of their $8.5 million Todd Trust, which focuses primarily on Sonoma Valley.

Sonoma Valley Fund, in conjunction with parent organization Community Foundation Sonoma County, made a series of grants from the Roland and Hazel Todd Trust of just under $300,000 that will benefit Sonoma Valley. The Todds entrusted the Community Foundation to steward their legacy, to improve the quality of life and well-being of those who live in Sonoma Valley and Sonoma County more generally. A team comprised of board members from Sonoma Valley Fund and Community Foundation Sonoma County and other community leaders completed its consideration of a series of short-term grants intended to respond to immediate needs in the Sonoma Valley.

St. Joseph Health System — support the continued provision of dental services to low income residents in the Springs area

La Luz Center (2 grants) — ensure continuation of ESL classes and provide emergency rental assistance for low income Sonoma Valley residents in crisis

United Way and Schools of Hope — support the implementation of a tutoring model to ensure third grade literacy competence in the Valley

Sonoma Ecology Center — create a community garden for Springs’ residents at Larson Park in Agua Caliente

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation (2 grants) — support the 2012 Youth Initiative and pilot a third grade Summer Reading Academy at El Verano School

Caitlin Childs